Ways to Build an Online Community on Lifestyle

In the present digital environment most people use their small Internet enabled devices such as smart phones and laptops to access the world and stay connected with each other. Hence building specialised online communities that cater to specific fields is the most opted method today to share information and interests. It can be lifestyle groups, health communities or any other hobby related areas such as fishing and hunting. Anybody, by following a few steps can now build an online community and share information, news and trivia of a specific genre and most importantly gain from it.

How then do you build an online community on lifestyle?

  • Start with a vision statement for your community – High on your priority list should be a vision statement that clearly spells out the objectives of your community. In a lifestyle scenario it will spell out what your main focus will be and the behavioural patterns related to peer-to-peer or peer-to-community relationship style. It is always advisable to put the vision statement down in writing. This will include what the community is meant for, how the members will benefit from becoming a part of it and what they can expect to get from it.
  • Create a temporary operational plan – Have an operational plan in place say for a three month period to start off. This is because it is quite possible that your priorities might change over time and your ground rules should be flexible enough to absorb the changes. Review the plan every quarter with the members, product line leaders, sellers and marketers and incorporate modifications as desired by common consensus. Support constant feedback from all.
  • Encourage user generated content – Plan for and include a wide range of content that can assure increasing interest levels within the online community. User generated content will make for greater participation amongst members and they will be taking an active role in the community. The content can range from information, news, trivia, blogs and articles, how-to guides and that of topical interest. Another option is an emphasis on the many lifestyle innovations that are being introduced almost every day. Make such content SEO friendly with applicable and well researched keywords so that your lifestyle community attains a high degree of online visibility.

Follow these simple tips and you will surely be able build a very effective online community on lifestyle.