Online communities are an integral part of life today, similar in goals to common interests groups that shared information through post even as recently as a decade back. However, with the advent of the Internet and the resultant boom in smart phone usage, creating online communities to share interests and news is a very common occurrence today. People form lifestyle communities, health communities, hobby groups such as fishing and hunting and online communities pursuing literary activities. It is so much easier to closely bond together quickly and effectively with others with similar objectives in this age of instant communication over the World Wide Web.

We at www.youresolastyear.com cater exclusively to lifestyle. Our online community has sales and marketing personnel from various lifestyle fields as well as community members looking for information on specific brands and new product launches. We also have quarterly reviews of the goals of the community and often modify them in keeping with the lifestyle changes and tastes of the members. We also encourage their active participation in all affairs of our community.

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To make our site more meaningful, we invite bloggers well versed in lifestyle affairs to contribute to our website so that our readers gain from their knowledge and expertise in different lifestyle aspects. Writers can choose any subject so long as it is related to this niche.

We request bloggers to submit only original and previously unpublished content only. We will inform by email once they are accepted for our site.