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Josh New guy Josh here.
By Josh
Xx_EmO_RoXXy_xX ummm...I'm new talk to me...pretty plz
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Ashlee hi!!
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SophiaSlaughter new stuff!!
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screaming-ducky Na-na-na-nice
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Stevie I still remember you:) and again like new here ;)
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cat_in_the_hat Blog of the emo girl 3/12/08
By cat_in_the_hat
Sheenacontiguity Im neww..Read!?
By Sheenacontiguity
Haru New..
By Haru

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What is Youresolastyear? Well this platform offer a free social community for alternative people that allow vamp, punk to emo boy & girl to chat, send pic, meet other members and build custom homepage. You will meet people, be seeing and may participate in the emo chat or your emo blog, or punk blog, etc. Our alternative community is the only one that doesn't rely on making money with members by making privilege when paying for special account, giving more space tho those who pay, etc.

So welcome to YSLY, and hope you will make yourself at home.


Still not a member? is a free community that allows people to regroup, to share and communicate based on their lifestyles. Come on, join now and try it out!


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